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Sponsored Post: Fun88 Angels SLOTS REVIEW: PRG 888 DRAGONS

Three dragons are all you’ll need to fill your boots in 888 Dragons, the slots game where wins can come quicker than you can hit that spin button.

The coming Chinese New Year may be starting off the year of the Dog, but it will definitely still be dragons you’ll be hoping to see while playing Pragmatic Play’s 888 Dragons. This no-frills, brick-and-mortar-flavored game eschews the multiple lines, fancy bonus games, and unattainable jackpots that have become common in slots today to bring you back to the way slots were originally played. In 888 Dragons, there are only two things you need to focus on while playing: spinning and winning.


VENDOR          : Pragmatic Play
PAYLINES         : 1
REELS               : 3
THEME             : Oriental
JACKPOT          : No

With only three reels for the player to watch, 888 Dragons looks a lot more basic than many of the other video slots you’ll find on Fun88 Games. But simple doesn’t necessarily mean lacking, and Pragmatic Play’s flair for well-done visuals is still very much apparent in spite of the game’s classic vibe.

As always, the game’s reels will take up most of your screen’s real estate, but this time they’re offset slightly to the right to make room for the pay table, which is always visible on the left. Having the pay table there is a nice touch, as it can save you the trouble of having to bring up the information window every time you want to check what you won. PRG has also decided to forego BGM this time, which some players might find disappointing, but will be a definite boon to those who typically prefer to play with the music off.

And at the bottom of the screen, unsurprisingly, is PRG’s customary HUD, with all of the information and controls you’ll need while playing clearly labeled in a bar that’s just the right size. Once again, all of the most commonly-used buttons are grouped neatly on the right, so you’ll never have to move your cursor or finger very far during regular play.


In addition to having only three reels, 888 Dragons also only has three symbols for you to worry about. The game’s dragons fly into your reels contorted into figure eights and are gold, green, or blue.

The gold dragons are worth the most, awarding you x100 of your bet for matching three of them in the game’s single line. The green dragons, on the other hand, are worth x50 of your bet, while the blues will give you a still-considerable x25.

But it doesn’t stop there. As long as you get three dragons, even if they’re all of different hues, you still win, and any combination of the three colors means a payout of x5 of your total bet. Don’t get too worked up, however, as the reels can stop between dragons, which means there’s still a chance of naked spins.
While certainly not as full-featured as many others you’ll find on Fun88 Games, many will find that 888 Dragons' lack of special features is the best feature of all, as it gives you a slot experience in its simplest, most basic form. There’s no need to worry about special tiles or bonus games, and all you’ll ever need to do is spin and wait to collect your winnings.
Of course, PRG didn’t leave any of their usual amenities out. Quick spin is also available in 888 Dragons, as is their refined autoplay feature, so you can still play this old school-flavored slots game with all the modern conveniences.



8 out of 10

Despite being one of the simplest games offered by Fun88 Slots, PRG’s 888 Dragons is still definitely worth giving a shot, especially if you’re a fan of classic slots. While it does lose out in terms of extra features, the lack of complexity in the game’s mechanics means you’ll be winning just as often, if not more.

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