Good Score Odds Prediction Strategies

Good Score Odds Prediction Strategies
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Sports betting requires every bettor to have his/her own winning strategy. There are two kinds of strategies that work with different kinds of people. These would differ in the manner of decision making with one’s preferred bet type.

The first and classic approach is a detailed approach where the bettor puts an effort on preparation. This type of strategy is known to be more reliable when it comes to making a wager with a significant amount of money. Here are some of the steps needed to be successful in this type of strategy.

1. Statistics. This is the most important step as it involves checking odds of the game to determine the overall assessment of the match. If you’re betting on live soccer matches, due to time constraints today’s odds would give enough basis when making your prediction.

2. Home Field Advantage. Home and away are also taken into consideration in a game especially in football betting. Sometimes even if good odds are in favor of an away team, home team wins. This is because the home team performs way better when they play in their own field. However, some teams perform otherwise. Do your research and check out both team’s home and away games pattern.

3. Average Goals. Get the average goals that both teams make in their previous games. Separate average goals made at home and away. This step works best when making correct score predictions.

4. Players and Coaches. When checking on a team, don’t forget the status of their key players. Know whether they’re in good condition or suffering in a previous injury. Their appearance will obviously influence the team’s performance. Also, put an effort in researching about both team’s goalkeepers. Compare which team has a better and more experienced keeper. Remember that they are their team’s last line of defense. As for the coaches, it’s best to be updated whenever teams change their coaches. Since they call the shots, they create the game.

5. Recent Form. Teams are just as good as their last few games. Check how both teams make goals in their last five games. If you’re a consistent bettor, this step would be a lot easier when you watch online live soccer. Not missing a match would be beneficial to making good prediction score.

6. League Positions. Another important factor to consider is the teams’ league position. Teams that are in close league positions especially those in the mid-division will both score goals without over dominating each the other. While teams that are both on top would make it difficult for one another to score goals and teams from top and bottom determine the obvious winner with a sure big score difference.

The second strategy type is the big picture approach. This approach was come up by Song-Oh Yoon and his colleagues at the Korea University. The research was done with a series of studies among soccer and baseball matches reviewing more than a billion bets placed in 2008 to 2010. The research was categorized in two bet types: general prediction or Win/Lose and specific prediction or Correct Score. Studies show that different kinds of people are prone in placing different kinds of bets. It also concludes that quick decision making proves more successful than the one done with deep reflection. It was said that putting effort into research and analyzing data would skew one’s judgment on the likely winner of the game even if betting odds prove otherwise. In relation to the two bet types, research participants predicted Win/Lose based on global assessments and top of mind thinking while Correct Score were based on detailed knowledge taking into consideration different soccer or baseball factors. Results show that Win/Lose predictions were more accurate regardless of the reward opportunities (the highest overall performance of the Win/Lose participants receives cash while all Correct Score participants with correct predictions receive cash). In addition to the good prediction, bettors gain satisfaction with their selection and are less likely to change minds when they make decisions quickly. This shows that predictions are based on one’s instincts rather than gathered facts.

These two betting strategies aren’t the exact formula to winning. But these garnered success at some point. You may try both strategies and stick to whichever works best for you.