5 Reasons Why Esports is Today’s ‘Big Thing’

5 Reasons Why Esports is Today’s ‘Big Thing’
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The rise of video gaming began flourishing a few years ago when dynamic and visual video games were introduced to the market. For sure, PS4s and Xboxes are still thriving but not as big as how Esports gaming is in the loop today.

The entertainment and amusement value video gaming brings to the table took the world in a snap. It seems like video gamers can’t get off of their screen to play games with their friends the whole day. What makes Esports gaming fit today’s generation? Let’s find out.  Play and win high-stakes Fun88 Esports Games today



Cultural 360 Turnover

The past few years the world wide web was struck by the appearance of Quake, StarCraft and Counterstrike - the first few games categorized as Esports. From this point on, gamers started to realize that playing online video games is their ‘passion’. Teenagers started to leave the comfort of their joysticks and the arcades to online streaming competition.

The trend flourished even more by 2011 when Esports was introduced to the mass market. As expected, more people got into the trend and as time went by Esports was officially considered as sports.

The founder of the culture is basically the extraordinary and out of the world visualizations and creation of game developers. They studied, molded and introduced the culture as to how it is today.

Then can League of Legends, a multiple online battle arena video game, founded by a company who was pioneered by two roommates in the University of Southern California - Riot Games. League of Legends, commonly known as ‘LOL’ was a major factor in building and molding the Esports culture.


Business Phenomena

Meanwhile, in business talks, the Esports industry shows telling data and a potential promise in the growing market compared to the previous promise of online gaming industry. In three years, it is estimated that online video gaming will generate a whopping £1 billion in global revenue with last years estimated £400 million.

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Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce website entered the Esports industry in 2014. The e-commerce website paid almost a billion to buy the gaming video platform Twitch. After the purchase, it effectively brought 55 million unique users on board, generating a much bigger traffic and establishing better credibility and recognition.


A Global Coming Together

As more and more Esports players are identifying themselves as such, a 2016 world championship took place in the US with 43 million unique viewer count which was a record-breaking high for any Esports event. A total of 370 million hours of live, streamed Esport was viewed during the entirety of the event. Clearly, Esports is starting to pave the way for the world to come together once again with a bigger cause.


Convenient and Accessible

Before online streaming, arcades and joysticks were on the loose. It was previously an era wherein preparation before a game needs to be considered. The rise of Esports totally eradicated all these “hassles”. Esports are made convenient, efficient and accessible for everyone to consume.

Today, the convenience of the Esports translated and extended to the players’ health. Esports players today follow a strict, non-negotiable fitness routine to put them in the best possible condition to compete.



All the more, Esports dynamism as it is accessed via a digital platform sells to the audience best in an era where connection matters. Imagine gold as a sport and bringing all your equipment, pressed uniform to the venue. Or say a basketball player on his way to his to the gym with his gym bag. All of these physical requirements aren’t applicable to Esports. The player can fully concentrate on his performance during the game without being mindful of equipment. All they need are Internet, device and the players from both parties.

What’s not to love?

If questions are still going on your head like, “How does it function as a sport?”. Here goes your answer.

Just like any traditional sport, Esports is facilitated by professionals, commentators, and coaches. Players train just like how athletes do, coached by a professional, helped by professional strategists to assist in better competition performance. In the future, Esports facilitators are planning to facilitate the world cup as just like any other sports to take place in an arena.