How to bet and win Italy Serie A Sportsbook with Fun88

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How to bet and win Italy Serie A Sportsbook with Fun88
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Talk about Italian football league system and the only thing that comes to mind is Serie A or Serie A TIM due to sponsorship arrangement. Between August to May, 20 teams try to outdo each other for the Coppa Campioni d'Italia trophy. Since the league's first season in the 1929-30 season, Serie A is rated as the highest in Italian football history. The champions of Serie A are the most popular ones usually: Juventus, which took home the crown 34th time; AC Milan, 18 times; and Inter, 18 times. With the exception of Roma taking the crown in the 2000-2001 season, the three teams earlier mentioned shared the titles in the last decade.

Serie A ranks teams according to total points, with a win getting 3 points and a draw getting one point. At season ending, the three lowest ranked teams are relegated, while the top two teams go through the main draw of the UEFA Champions League. No wonder once the games begin it is an exciting Fun88 Serie A Sportsbook betting season that awaits avid fans. In addition, the third-placed team is sent to a two-leg play-off at the UEFA Champions League. EUFA Europa League welcomes the fourth and fifth-placed teams.

In terms of Italian Serie A team with most wins, it is Juventus that holds the belt. This team also bagged the Serie A crown seventh consecutive times, with Roma placing second at the 2017/2018 season. Of course, you would definitely love to place your money on this winning team. But in football where one mistake can be fatal to the whole team, do not discount other teams yet.


The trick in Serie A betting is to analyze each game by its merits. Who is up against each other? Do you know their strengths? How about their weaknesses? It is really a tactical game and the bettor should have a mindset of a tactician. The only way to reach a high confidence level is to look at the statistics and that point to the performance of each team. The players’ matchups can be really something of a goldmine for bettors. And an experienced betting site knows how to take cognizant of such data, thus, its recommendation on what team to go to in a game match-up.

When you start placing your bets, use your brain. Though you love some players in a particular team, you must listen to what a betting site with a strong reputation tells you. This is your way of transforming from an ordinary bettor to an informed one who is bent on winning. And this time you will win big! Start practicing this and link up with a Fun88 Betting expert and you are ready to pick the fruits of your labor.

By betting smartly, you are assuring yourself that you side with the winners of Serie all the time. Make no mistake on this as every dollar you bet should give you more. That gives you the trademark of a real Serie A winning bettor.